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Liquid provides global investment solutions enabling institutional and private investors to accumulate wealth through safe and secure alternative assets in emerging markets. By applying multiple layers of diversification – concurrently by asset class, currency, geopolitics, products and commodity, our experienced team of investment specialists are able to minimize any country based or external risk factors, while generating maximum absolute returns for investors.

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Liquid Vision

Liquid maximises investor returns by focusing on a comprehensive diversification of its offering – including but not limited to asset class, currency, geo-political and product diversification.
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Our clients enjoy high annual returns, together with secure land ownership in a sector of the global economy resonating with fast growing, global importance – food production. 
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Coconut Investments

Due to the supply-demand imbalance and diversity of use, coconut plantations in Brazil are an excellent investment vehicle, both in terms of returns and security
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Neem Investments

With the global shift towards organic farming and alternatives to traditional medicines gathering pace, Neem provides a comprehensive solution for organic pesticides, cattle feed and fertiliser 
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